A story about a little of everything:
geology, sex, politics, the
environment, prairie voles, cheese
curds, casinos, aphrodisiacs,
sturgeon, trilobites, gulls, Hat Island,
a bit of mystery — and more

  • “A witty, intimate satire revealing both sides of the peninsula I know and love. She leaves you wanting more!”

    Skye, Baileys Harbor

  • “Cleverly perverse and joyful. I laughed out loud!”

    Devi Stern, Chicago

  •  “Erica Jong meets Garrison Keillor!”

    Faye Hoban, Madison

  • “As zany and off-beat as any Coen brothers movie.”

    Mickey Ducaine, Green Bay

  • “A thrilling, picturesque ride sprinkled with Fellini-esque drama.”

    Kyle MacDonald, Denver

About M.L. Collins…

M.L. Collins imageM.L. Collins has been in love with Door County ever since spending summers in Juddville with her grandparents who moved there in the 1930s after retiring from the circus.

M.L. has worked as a free-lance writer and lectured extensively on the history of sex, fashion and culture at various institutions in Chicago including the School of the Art Institute, the University of Chicago Graham School and most recently, Columbia College.

She divides her time between the big city of Chicago and a small town on the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin where she recently fell for a sailor named Smee.

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